Thursday, August 28, 2008


Earlier this week I opened a 2006 Bogle Petit Syrah. When the cork came out of the bottle the unmistakable scent of blueberries came with it. The wine was big, as a PS should be, but it was well balanced and very forward. The tannins were soft rather than harsh and there was a good dose of acid and just a hint of sweetness at the end. There was some cinnamon and some red currants in the mix as well. It was a good drink with a small piece of pan seared pork. This is a Petit Syrah to open and enjoy and not one to stash away until it softens. There were about three glasses left in the bottle so it was vacuum corked and put aside until the next night.

As an experiment I made a blueberry cobbler, full of blueberries, lemon and cinnamon and topped with a sweetened biscuit crust. While it cooled I reopened the Bogle. It had mellowed into a very good little wine and matched well with a couple of chicken thighs.

After dinner came the grand experiment. First a bite of blueberry cobbler and then a sip of wine. The small dose of sweetness at the end of the wine was perfect with the cobbler, and the entire experience was like being immersed in a blueberry bush both in aroma and taste. The two more than complimented each other, they had a large dose of the same flavors. Blueberries, cinnamon and lemon (acid) all matched up together.

This coming winter when blueberries are prohibitively expensive I may just open another bottle of Bogle Petit Syrah to enjoy the taste of summer.

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