Friday, September 5, 2008

The Second Half

Thanks to the remnants of Hurricane Gustav the hot, dry weather broke today with rain and much cooler temperatures.

By dinner it had stopped raining so I grilled a veal chop marinated in rosemary, olive oil, lemon juice and peel, garlic and red pepper. I added fresh almonds and a chopped jalapeno pepper to the leftover couscous from earlier in the week. There were still two glasses left of the River Village Cellars Syrah so out came the vacuum cork.

Once again the food and wine went great together. The Syrah showed very little deterioration for it's two days under vacuum. The fruit was still there and was especially pronounced with the reheated couscous. Definitely plums and berries again. For dessert there were a couple of plums from the vineyard.

The photo shows some of Syrah grapes for the 2008 vintage still on the vine at Kinkead Ridge. Barring a terrible turn in the weather over the next month this should be an outstanding vintage in this area. If the vineyard was in France they no doubt would already be talking a big price increase for the 'vintage of the century,' even though the grapes are still on the vines.

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