Friday, January 9, 2009


Friday night was a clean out the refrigerator meal.

We wound up with a pan roasted veal chop served over some pasta tossed with pesto and a small salad. Good, sound meal without being over the top in any way. There's still a couple of spoonfuls of pesto left for another meal.

Nice wine. It was a 2003 Taurino Salice Salentino Rosso, a blend of Negromaro and Malvasia Nera. Medium body, lots of soft fruit up front and a nice light, fruity nose. Lots of soft, ripe cherries in the taste with enough acid to make it refreshing and just a small hint of tannin on the side of the tongue. An easy drinking wine for $8.

Nasty weather setting in here tonight with freezing rain and sleet, with all this changing to snow around noon tomorrow. Tomorrow may be an "eat out of the freezer" day as the road conditions aren't supposed to be conducive to errands. Good thing there are those spoonfuls of pesto left over from tonight.

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