Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Chainti Classico and Lamb

Beautiful weather yesterday evening, and I managed to get home in time to enjoy it.

There were some thick lamb chops seasoned with fresh thyme and rosemary and some garlic that found their way to the grill, and there was some fettuccine with asparagus and shallots to go along with it.

The cork came out of a 2006 Felsina Chianti Classico. The nose was what I was expecting with the bright, tart cherries, herbs and earth. It's medium to full bodied with great acid and good tannins. It provided the right balance with the lamb and proved to be a good sipper over the course of the evening.

There are four bottles of this wine in the cellar but this was one I picked up on the recent stop at a wine store in Kentucky. It was on clearance because the 2007 vintage is on its way to the shelves. It was $15 and was the last bottle they had in stock. Good buy - good wine.

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