Thursday, September 22, 2011

Beaune - Boucherottes 2006

The autumn style weather is still here and I after reading an article on line I got in the mood for Burgundy.

The Burgundy of choice was a 2006 Louis Jadot Beaune Boucherottes premier cru.  I opened the bottle as we began dinner prep and poured half of it into a decanter, and a little bit into my glass.  Very closed nose with earth and spice but no fruit showing.

Forty-five minutes later the beef tenderloin was sauced and ready.  The wine was still closed but after some swirling there was enough fruit to plunge ahead.  This was a very reticent wine, it kept refusing to give up very much in the way of aroma save for earth and wood spice.  Near the end of the meal the cherry flavors began to emerge and the silkiness of the wine started to bloom.  Acids and tannins were great and the mouth feel was wonderful.  For the last bite or two of beef the wine was a great foil.  I loved the earthiness in the wine. 

Later that evening I poured another glass from the now re-corked bottle.  The fruit was much more pronounced and the wine had mellowed, but it still wasn't ready.

The last fair sized glass was left for the next evening, and twenty-four hours was what this wine needed.  Wonderful, ripe fruit aromas, finally subdued earth and a wonderful silky feel in the mouth.  It was difficult, but I forced myself to drink that last glass slowly.  Lots of smiles.

$25 and 13% alcohol.

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