Monday, June 4, 2012

2009 Puligny Montrachet

The last white Burgundy of the lobster dinner was the youngest wine, a 2009 Louis Jadot Puligny Montrachet. 

Fragrant, but reluctant,  nose of citrus and oak.  Very extracted mouth feel and full flavors of sweet apple, hints of pineapple, a touch of earth, a little vanilla.  Long finish.

To be honest this was a wine with little charm for the first part of the meal.  It took forty five minutes for the the wine to begin to open.  Basically, it's way too young to drink now, but the things it promises are exciting.  One the citrus and vanilla integrate and mellow the bouquet will be great.  Nothing wrong with the flavor now, but a time in the bottle would help.

The person who brought this bottle has two more that we agreed to leave alone for a couple of years and then try again.  13.5% alcohol and $75.

The bottom line on all four wines was that I preferred the Chablis.  It had five years age on it and was drinking beautifully on the day. 

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