Sunday, December 23, 2012


Very little wine this past week as a series of small problems kept interrupting the desired flow of my life. The best part was that most of my holiday shopping was done at the food and wine markets for some wonderful upcoming dinners.  The above photo of sweet peppers and fresh dill looked a lot like Christmas to me.  There is fresh salmon curing under the dill and it should be ready for Christmas Day.

The only thing left to pick up tomorrow for Christmas Eve is a bag of fresh oysters. I still must make  a decision on whether I will open a Chablis, a Muscadet or a bottle of champagne to go with them.  Life should always be about good choices.


Edward said...


Merry Christmas. I'd pick the champagne though of course I'm also fond of the chablis the same bottles of chablis that you seem to open.

Dan McGrew said...

We saved the champagne for Christmas Day.