Sunday, July 26, 2015

Mauro Veglio Barolo

One of the things I missed this winter was a good bottle of Barolo.  I remedied that situation a few days ago when there was a gift in the form of of a cold front that blew in from Canada. The wine was a 2001 Mauro Veglio, Vigneto Arborina.

I pulled the cork early in the morning and decanted a little more than half into a jug.  The remainder was put under vacuum.

As befits its age the wine was a brick reddish brown in the glass.  There was little to recommend the wine immediately so it sat until evening when a steak came off the grill.

The color had not changed but the wine was now full of aromas of raspberries and red currants and summer flowers.  It was a pleasure to sit and smell the wine.  The flavors were strong but not overpowering with the raspberries and currants predominating.  The Barolo tannins were in full force on the initial sip, but quickly mellowed.  Wonderful acidity cut through the richness of the steak.  At fourteen years it was singing a beautiful song.

Two days later I finished the vacuumed wine and noticed only that the tannins weren't as strong.  It was still a beautiful wine.

2001 Maura Veglio Barolo, Vigneto Arborina.  14.5% alcohol and $50 when purchased more than several years ago.

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