Sunday, May 29, 2016

Lobster and Riesling

Yesterday was the annual lobster day and we steamed and grilled sixteen of the lovely critters.  For years this has been a "Chablis" day but this year we mixed things up a bit. 

First up was a 2014 Loosen Brothers Dr. L. Riesling from the Mosel.  Riesling is not my first choice for lobster but this one certainly worked well with the grilled version, not so much with the steamed version. A dry, tart and sharp wine with tons of the mineral sensation that somehow seemed to be a much better choice with the slight smokiness of the grilled lobster.  There was some fruit in the wine when it was chilled, a little more as the wine warmed up but mostly this was about how the minerality played with the smoke.

There was a long finish on this wine, one that gave a hint a sweetness at the very end.  At $11 a bottle this wine is amazing. 

Sarah before her demise
2014 Loosen Brothers Dr. L. Riesling, Mosel.  11% alcohol and $11.

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