Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Domaine du Dragon

Provencal rose time - specifically a 2015 Domaine du Dragon Grande Cuvee.  Beautiful light, copper color in the glass, as pictured above.  This was a pleasant surprise as the aromas coming out of the glass weren't fruity at all - they were very floral instead.  Sniffing this wine was like walking through he garden. 

The wine was tart and tight with tremendous acid on the first sip.  Light strawberries and cherries finally made their presence known in the mid-palate.  The finish was bone dry and crisp. 

There was a grilled yellow tail snapper from the grill and a bit of farotto Nicoise to eat between sips of wine.  Add in a remarkably low amount of humidity in the air and no clouds at all and it was a Grande Cuvee  evening.

2015 Domaine du Dragon Grande Cuvee, Cotes de Provence.  13% alcohol and a true bargain at $13. 

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