Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Franco Sera

It had been awhile since I drank a bottle of Barbera D'Alba, but during a trip through the local market several days ago a small, well fatted, rib steak found its way into my basket.  Next step was to cruise the wine department.  The Franco Sera 2014 Barbera D'Alba jumped into the basket with the steak, and since it was a bargain price of $12 I couldn't tell it 'no.'

It was exactly as I expected - full of earthy fruit and sharp acid that cut through the richness of the steak which was grilled over an oak fire.  The fruit in the wine was a good match with the oak from the steak.  There was nothing serious about this wine, it just said 'drink me and enjoy.'  We did.

2014 Franco Sera Barbera D'Alba.  13% alcohol and $12.

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