Monday, March 6, 2017

Alsatian Riesling

Cellar raiding time again, since there were three bottles of the 2011 Domaine Pfister Riesling Tradition from the Alsace and there was some swordfish to eat.

It was a very interesting wine.  Even though it was a Riesling there was a unique body to it, an oiliness that I usually find in Roussanne.  It was the way it felt in the mouth.  The flavors were true Riesling though - green apples, citrus zest and a bit of not too ripe pineapple.  But its most surprising aspect was the finish.   It was sharp and tart, dry and fresh.  From the mouth feel of this wine I was expecting a lower acid on the finish.  It paired well with the full flavors of the swordfish and the palate cleansing acid at the end was perfect for me.

2011 Domaine Pfister Riesling Tradition.  12.5% alcohol.  $25

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