Sunday, October 12, 2008

So Close...

...and yet so far.

The doves are coming in to eat in the mornings and Scott doesn't think they belong on his sidewalk.

Interesting week. Took a trip to Cincinnati to Findlay Market, and old public market north of the downtown area. I hobbled through several of the buildings and looked at about a dozen butchers and fish mongers before coming home with some large prawns, some chicken, three varieties of sausages and three different kinds of salt. The salt was most interesting. We picked up some red Hawaiian salt, rose Bolivian salt and some peach colored flake salt from the Murray River in Australia. The Murray River is more of a finishing salt while the other two were coarse salt that I put in salt grinders.

We did do a meal around things that we bought that day. We did chicken breasts on a bed of braised leeks and shallots, lots of veggies, some bread and a nice wine to go with it. The wine? A 2005 Domaine Chantemerle premier cru Chablis, Fourchaume. Exquisite. All chardonnnay should taste that good.

The rest of the week I've been trying the salts. The Bolivian was very tasty on eggs while the Murray River was super on a grilled veal chop. Last night the red Hawaiian was interesting on a piece of halibut.

The most unusual part of the Cincinnati trip was waiting while Barack Obama's motorcade passed by us on the way to a rally in a Cincinnati park near the market. That certainly answered our question about why there were so many police on the road south to the market. They were everywhere to the point it looked like a convention.

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