Monday, October 27, 2008

Winter Sky

Yesterday was sunny and the temperature was in the mid 60 degree range, and today the high temperature was 42. No question the season has changed. There are possible snow flurries tonight so the rosemary plants, the parsley and the oregano that are growing in pots will come inside.

Tonight was fagotini di pollo and leftover polenta rounds. The fagotini is chicken thighs boned and stuffed with garlic, herbs and chicken forcemeat. A sage leaf is laid on top and the entire package is wrapped in a slice of bacon. The local market prepares them several time a week and I purchased two for this evening. They were roasted at 400 degrees until the chicken skin was golden and the bacon was brown and crisp. The polenta rounds were dipped in flour, egg and panko crumbs and quickly sauteed until the polenta was soft and creamy in the center and the pank crumbs were warm and crisp. We added a small salad and the remainder of the Perrin Vinsobres "Les Cornuds" from a couple of days ago.

The wine lost its harsh edges, mellowed and was a nice foil for the pungent chicken.

It's dark outside, the dishes are done and it's time for a Lagavulin Distillers edition Scottish whisky.

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