Sunday, April 5, 2009

1999 Torbreck RunRig

The computer is repaired and running smoothly, though it will be some time before all the programs and customizations are finished.

The evening meal last night was wonderful. There was a rack of lamb done on the grill with fresh herbs and wild mushroom and black truffle ravioli on the plate next to it. Throw in a small salad and some grilled asparagus and it was a great meal.

The wines weren't too shabby either. While the lamb was cooking we dove into a 1999 Kilikanoon Oracle from Australia. Dark color, lots of fruit p front but still with some tannin to provide a counterpoint. Perhaps a little low in acid. Nice long finish. Definitely a big wine that is at or just past it's peak.

Wine #2 was a J. Vidal Fleury 2004 Crozes-Hermitage. This wine reminded me of a perfectly colored Burgundy with its medium depth. The nose was all about dry earth and dry leather and a few herbs thrown in. Great acidity and lots of bright red plum flavors. A good and interesting wine.

The highlight of the evening was opened just as the lamb came off the grill. This was a 1999 Torbreck Run Rig shiraz from Australia. Let's not waste words or time here - this was a remarkable wine. It was inky dark in the glass and the nose was strong and powerful with fruit, earth, spices and meat. The first taste was almost gamey but there was black fruit and berries to compliment the meat. The acid was very good and the tannins just tied the entire package together. The tannins were firm, but not harsh in any way. The wine was perfectly balanced and over the course of the evening it just continued to improve. Too many times I've tasted Australian Shiraz wines and been disappointed by the over ripe fruit and high alcohol that seems to be their claim to fame. That wasn't the case with the RunRig, there was restraint to match the power and the winemaker knew enough to stop before the wine became a caricature of itself. Excellent wine.

Both the RunRig and the Vidal Fleury were very good with the lamb, but they were definitely two different experiences. Great evening and the computer is running again. Life is good.

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