Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fatorria Le Fonti

I purchased some 2006 Chianti Classicos and a few riservas from the 2004 vintage so it's necessary to drink some wine as I have the happy (or unhappy) problem of running out of storage room. The happy part is getting to drink some nice wine, the unhappy part is perhaps drinking a few too early.

2003 was a hot dry vintage in Tuscany and most wines are big and somewhat hot. There are few older vintages in the cellar (2001, 1997, 1995) and a good amount of a superior 2004 vintage so the 2003's became the chosen lot.

First up was Fattoria LeFonti riserva. It's exactly what one would expect. There is good fruit and it is fully ripe and warm. The acid is interesting because it comes at you in two waves. There is a small taste of it with the fruit and then another dose after the finish. That second dose cleared the palate. Still it tasted a little over ripe and the fruit was a little heavy. There was some earth in the wine, but I would have preferred a little more. This is a good effort and nice wine to drink, but not a wine to remember. It did go well with some spinach pasta with pesto sauce and a couple of slices of an unusual Prosciutto; unusual because it was made in Iowa and not Italy.

I'm still learning and playing around with the new photo software so clicking on the photo will give you a better idea of the mosaic tile effect. I love new toys.

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