Thursday, June 25, 2009


Hot and steamy weather continues here and there was a black bear sighting about 300 yards from the Domaine Two Dogs. There hasn't been a bear in this area in 50 or 60 years so I suppose one could say that we are overdue. Needless to say Scott's early morning, just at dawn, walks are somewhat restricted for the time being.

Work has also been a "bear" lately and has precluded doing much of anything in the evening during the week. Today I decided enough was enough and came home in time to fix a decent meal and open a good bottle of wine. The meal was a chicken breast seasoned with lemon pepper and then pan seared and roasted. There was a white wine and chicken stock sauce and some carrots and shallots sauteed and steamed with butter and fresh tarragon.

The wine was a rare treat, a 2006 Domaine Georges Vernay Condrieu, Les Terrasses de l'Empire. The nose was not quite ripe peaches, some honeysuckle and a good dash of pineapple As it warmed in the glass the pineapple receded a bit and was replaced by some herbs and a chalky mineral aroma. There seemed to be a hint of thyme in the wine.

The taste was peaches and apricots with a dash of the pineapple and the weight of the wine was anything but light. There was great acidity and the most amazing thing was that just before the finish there was some sweetness. I thought the wine was going to finish sweet, but just as it was about to be sweet the acid kicked back in and the wine finished quite dry. I looked for this several more times and it was there every time I looked. I liked that quite a bit. There was a wonderful length to the finish. This was an extraordinary white wine. Thank heaven there is a second bottle.

The chicken and the wine were fine together, but the carrots and shallots paired with this wine like Adam paired with Eve. I could have eaten a second serving of those veggies with this wine.

A good evening and a super wine.

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