Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Nothing exciting or noteworthy going on so I thought I would answer an e-mail question Dave G. regarding the lack of scores for wines on this site.

Simple answer to a very length worthy topic: I don't find scores particularly useful though they can be a convenient shorthand.

On the 100 point scale most scores fall between 80 and 95 with an occasional score above 95. In essence that makes it a 20 point scale and that defeats the purpose of using 100 points. I'm also more interested in describing how the wine tastes and smells and how it goes with food that I am eating. 90% of what I drink is with food and for that remaining 10% I'm imagining what food would go with it when I'm tasting the wine.

Bottom line for me is that I just hate the thought of grading everything in my life. Wines are like kids and dogs, some are brilliant and some less so, but that doesn't mean I don't love them all. Each has its own place in the world.

Photo is a geranium on the front step.

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