Friday, July 31, 2009

Basic Chianti

The rain is gone, the clouds are gone, the humidity has evaporated, the skies are clear and the wine is gone. It was a good evening.

There was a small steak from the grill and some porcini tortellini with Asiago cheese and olive oil on the plate so we opened a very basic Chianti. The wine was a 2006 Giacomo Mori Chianti. Dirt, leather, cherries with a dry, dusty wind blowing by were in the nose. We decanted half the wine while the steak grilled and the pasta boiled. After half an hour the cherries and earth jumped out in the taste and there was acid to begin the palate cleansing and fine dry tannins to complete the process. This was a medium weight wine with a bright color and a moderate finish. It was great with the steak and pasta. It was every thing a basic Chianit should be and it did all this for $12.

After dinner we got out the fine bladed vegetable peeler and cut some thin slices of the cheese for dessert. We also decanted the other half bottle of the wine. The evening is now nearly over. There is still some cheese left, but the wine bottle is empty.

Not a profound expereince, but a delicious evening. Life is good.

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