Thursday, July 16, 2009

Chateau de Fontenay 2005

The local wine store came across a few cases of this inexpensive 2005 Bordeaux, Chateau de Fontenay, and for $14 I thought it was worth a try.

Tight, closed nose to start and it took a few minutes for the wine to begin to open. There wee definitely some berries here with just a hint of a dark cherry. The taste was also closed up for the first half hour, but eventually the berries began jumping. There was very good acid and plenty of tannin to balance out the fruit. The weight was medium, not light but certainly not a blockbuster. The acid and tannin made for a good, but not overly long finish.

Dinner was a small New York strip steak of grass fed beef, a baked potato with black truffle salt and a small salad. The potato with the truffle salt worked some magic with the wine.

I bought two bottles of this wine and will put bottle #2 away for a couple of years. Good wine for the price.

We're off in the morning for Illinois to visit friends for the weekend and hit a restaurant that's getting some good reviews. The folks have two Gordon Setter girls so Scott is going along to reinvigorate his dreams of having a harem.

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