Thursday, March 25, 2010

Austrian Riesling

An impromptu mixing of ingredients for dinner last night.  There were some fresh shrimp and tomatoes so I added shallots, garlic, some olive oil and butter and sauteed everything quickly.  In went some smoked paprika and Amontillado sherry and at the last minute a quick shot of heavy cream and a good dose of red pepper flakes.

The entire contents were then tossed with some fresh linguine.  Nice meal.

The twist came off the cap of a 2006 Domane Wachau Terassen Federspiel Riesling.  I purchased two of these at $16 when I needed a couple of bottles to fill out a case to secure the 10% discount at the Italian wine tasting a couple of weeks ago.  I have enjoyed DW's Gruner Veltliner and the price ($14.40 with the discount) it was too good to pass up trying the Riesling.

There was a wonderful nose of citrus peel and minerals, and there was a fair dose of kerosene to go with it.  There was also a smell of spring about this wine - clean and refreshing.  The taste was citrusy but not to the point where it blocked out a taste of wet limestone that I love so much in a good Chablis.  Nice to find it in a Riesling as well.  Good fruit and depth of flavor lead to  a wonderful dry finish that lingered on the tongue.  It paired well with the smoked paprika and the red pepper flakes in the  sauce.

The wine checked in at 12.5% alcohol.  Outstanding wine at this price point. 

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