Thursday, March 4, 2010

Something Green This Way Comes

...with apologies to Ray Bradbury.

Several warmer days recently and more to come by the weekend.  In a protected, south facing spot by a fence line I found something green yesterday.  It was wonderful.

Wine of the night with a small strip steak was a 2007 Domaine de Fontenille, Cotes du Luberon rouge.  A good, balanced effort with fruit and earth and a tiny hint of brett in the nose.  Strong flavors of strawberries and cherries mixed with some clean earth.  Great acidity and tannin, both grape and oak.  I decanted about 2/3 of the bottle while the steak was cooking and it really opened up.  The last glass of the evening was the best.  Will try the other third this evening.

14% alcohol and only $16.  Very good wine at this price.

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