Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sly Dog Again

The cold is gone to the point where I can taste again, both food and wine. 

Tonight was another bottle of one of the best values in California Cabernet in the last couple of years, 2005 Sly Dog Cellars, Bin 92, from the Red Hills of Lake County.   One year and one day ago we drank a bottle of this wine (report here) and thought it was very good.  At that time I went back and bought three more bottles and put them away. Tonight there was some duck confit and pasta for dinner and I was in the mood for a Cabernet so I opened bottle number two of this wine. 

Several things changed with the wine.  The fruit did not seem as dark as before, it seemed more red, and the suggestion of vanilla was replaced with a hint of cinnamon.  Another year in the bottle gave the wine a more mature taste and instead of being predominantly fruity there was a fair bit of earth.  I could taste the "Red Hills."  The acid was still strong and with the richness of the duck confit that was a very good thing.  The two were very good together.

There is nothing profound here, just good, honest, drinkable wine that goes great with food. The bottom line on this bottle - I'm very happy there are two more in the cellar.  Check back in the first week of May in 2011 and 2012 to see how the other two bottles fare.  

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