Friday, May 7, 2010

Spring Food

Good meal and good wine last night and very much homage to spring.

Made a quick stop at the market and they had some fresh peas.  Most of the year I use frozen peas, but the very first ones in the spring are different.  It takes a few minutes to shell them, but it's definitely worth the effort.  They were blanched until just barely tender then tossed in a buttered skillet with some finely chopped Vidalia onion and sauteed until just cooked.  At the very end I tossed in some chopped mint, fresh from the garden.  For a "side dish" this one always steals the show in the spring an d last night was not an exception. 

We paired that with a halibut fillet that was dusted with aleppo pepper and pan seared. 

The wine was a 2007 Vinosia Greco di Tufo from southern Italy which I originally examined here.  One big difference this time was that the slight bit of oxidation was not present.  This seemed a fresher bottle.  The green grape and unroasted almond components were still strong and the mouth feel on this wine still reminded me somewhat of a Condrieu.  This bottle seemed more alive than the one I sampled at a wine tasting.  Will drink the second bottle soon.

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