Monday, July 19, 2010

2009 Abymes

Along with Chablis and Muscadet an Abymes may be the perfect hot weather wine from France, in this case from the Savoie.

This particular wine is 100% Jacqu√®re and is from the 2009 vintage.  The producer is Roger Labbe from Domaine Labbe.  We discussed the same wine from the 2006 vintage on this site a couple of years ago, and three vintages removed it is still a great little summer white wine.

There's not much aroma but the taste is most like licking a piece of wet limestone.  This is definitely a mineral driven wine.  Tart green apples and green grapes ares there but the minerality and acidity really drive this wine.  Wonderfully refreshing and totally dry at 11% alcohol and $13 a bottle.  That's a two dollar increase since the 2006 vintage, but this is still a bargain and the supply is good.

This wine was a before dinner drink with some Delice du Jura cheese.  This cheese is basically a variety of Savoie's Reblochon made with pasteurized milk instead of raw milk.  The U.S. still doesn't allow the importation of fresh, raw milk cheeses.  This pasteurized version is nutty, earthy, rich and runny.  Soft in the center the cheese just oozes onto crackers and apple slices.  Near perfect with this wine.

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