Monday, July 5, 2010


Yesterday's salmon dinner wasn't solely about salmon.  There were also some very large diver scallops that made their way to the market from from New England.  They were as big as any I've seen here for quite some time, eight to a pound.  They preceded the salmon and served as the appetizer.  A pan was super heated on the grill and the scallops were dried, salted and peppered.  They went in the hot skillet with some olive oil and butter until they browned on the first side.  They were flipped and more butter was added and the scallops were basted with the butter and their released juices while the second side browned.  At the end we squeezed half a lemon into the mix.

The wine was a 2008 Domaine Andre' Neveu, Le Manoir, Veilles Vignes Sancerre from the Loire region of France.  The wine was almost colorless in the glass.  The nose was loaded with freshly cut grapefruit and spring hay, typical aromas for a Sauvignon Blanc but these smells weren't at all shy.   The grapefruit and citrus peel coated the tongue while the grassiness played a lesser role in the taste.  The acid was almost over the top with this wine, sharp, tart, edgy and crisp.  As with the smell, the flavors were not weak or shy.  The herbs came in at the very end of this bone dry wine.  It would be difficult for Sauvignon Blanc to be any better than this bottle.    The scallops were overtly rich and luxurious and the acid in this wine cut through that richness and made everyone want more.    This combination was like a "golden goal" in the World Cup.  A super buy at $26 and only 12.5% alcohol. 

A quick call to the market revealed that they had one more bottle in stock and I will pick it up later today. 

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