Sunday, March 6, 2011

2002 Selbach Oster Riesling

Dinner on Sunday was some beautiful, fresh Alaskan cod and we made it in an oriental style.  It was smothered in thinly sliced red onions, finely minced fresh ginger and some thinly sliced garlic.  It was lightly dusted with some five-spice powder.  The fish was steamed in a bamboo steamer along with snow pea pods and served with steamed rice drizzled with a little fresh ginger juice.  When the fish was done it was sauced with lime juice, a splash of soy sauce, a light splash of fish sauce, a half teaspoon of mirin and three drops of toasted sesame oil.  Wonderful food.

The wine was a 2002 Selbach Oster Wehlener Sonnenuhr Kabinett from the Mosel, a wine with a touch of bottle age to it.  There was no small amount of kerosene on the nose when the cork first came out.  Some swirling of the glass helped dissipate this, but there was still enough left to be quite interesting.  The nose was crisp and sharp with hints of lemon and lime peel and damp slate.  The taste was quite forward with ripe, crisp apple, a bit of white peach and a touch of lychee.  The perception of sweetness was there in the mouth feel but when the wine was swallowed it was the acid and citrus peel that that sang a beautiful song.  There were zero signs of aging in this wine, and since there is one more in the cellar that might be the best news of the day. 

This was almost a perfect match with the food.  The lime juice and fish sauce and soy really picked up on the fruit in this wine.  The acid cut through the richness of the fish.  Wonderful wine and great food. 

8.5% alcohol and the original sticker of $16.  Life is good.

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