Thursday, March 10, 2011

Three 2009 Rieslings

Once in awhile the stars all seem to align into something wonderful.  that happened the other day when I wandered through one of my regular wine haunts and they had three 2009 Rieslings by Josef Leitz from the Rheingau open for sampling.  One of them, Leitz Out, I had enjoyed before and it was discussed earlier on this site (Leitz Out).  The other two were the Eins Zwei Dry 3 and the Dragonstone from the Rudesheier Drachenstein vineyard.

We began with the highest alcohol wine, the Eins Zwei Dry 3 at 12%.  This is a dry wine and very savory, almost salty.  Lots of herbs and grain and mineral tastes.  The fruit almost plays second fiddle here.  Sharp, taut, racy  and mouth filling.  If anything it reminded me of a Chablis because it finished with a blast of acid and tart apple.  $17 and a real steal at that price.

Next in line was the Leitz Out at 10.5% alcohol.    The apple and pineapple fruit aspect was much stronger in this wine, but it remained dry and tart.  The mint that was there in my first bottle was there in this one as well.  Excellent value at $13.

The final wine was the Dragonstone at 9% alcohol.  Bright, sharp and salty on the nose with hints of slate.  Great fruit and enough herbs  to set one's mind  searching.  Apples, a bit of pineapple and a touch of peach were mixed with mint and fresh green herbs in the taste.  Good balance, long finish and a nice kick at the end.  Top quality wine at $18, but on sale for $16. 

I could spend many a day drinking these wines and never get tired of them.  No favorites because I liked them all and on a given day my choices might differ.  Each was excellent value and an excellent wine.

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