Monday, December 19, 2011

Another Round of Bubbles

Prices for American sparkling wine continue be wonderfully low for the quality one gets.  This time I opted for a sparkler from New Mexico, the Gruet Brut. 

There was a lot of pressure on the cork as it came out of the bottle and quite a nice pop.  Light color in the glass with a good string of bubbles rising.  Tart and citrusy aromas with a good whiff of cotton candy.  Good fruit taste with ripe apple and Meyer lemon tastes predominating.  Delightfully tart but with a touch of sweetness to balance things out.  Full flavored and long lasting finish with some roasted nuts at the very end.  Very easy to drink.

There was an appetizer of shrimp and a main course of pan seared swordfish on a bed of brown, basmati rice.  The citrus quality in the wine was delicious with the swordfish - a nice marriage of flavors.

$15 and 12.4% alcohol.  

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