Friday, December 16, 2011


I purchased a case of assorted wines in October, and the case consisted completely of wines I had not tried before, either the winery or the grape. The Huber 2007 Zweigelt from Austria fell into the category of new grape for me.

I was in need of a red wine to drink with  some thinly sliced, left over flank steak and when a friend dropped by on an errand I twisted the cap off this wine.

The wine had a reddish brick color to it without a lot of colorization.  Dry, dusty nose with aromas of earth, spice, unripe berries and mushrooms.  Medium weight and body to the wine and the depth of flavor was somewhat lacking.  Good acid, a little tannin and a short finish completed the package.

There was nothing wrong with the wine, but then again there wasn't really anything right about it either.  It was not unappealing, but it didn't create much of an appeal.  In short - it was red wine. 

I'll try another Zweigelt when I see one, but I won't be rushing out to get another bottle of this one.

13.5% alcohol and $14.

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