Sunday, September 23, 2012

Modesty Has Its Virtues

This modest wine with little or no pretension appeals to me.  The 2009 Joseph Faiveley Bourgogne, or basic burgundy, has no dental veneers for a brighter smile, no silicone breast enhancements, no tattooed on eye liner, doesn't spend all day at the gym sculpting its body and it doesn't walk down a runway in an exaggerated, stomping manner to say "look at me."  It just tastes good.

The wine has bright cherry flavors with an undercurrent of clean earth and spice.  It perky with acid and the body is medium to light.  The finish is appropriate to the rest of the wine.  This is the cute, neighborhood girl who just smiles as she goes about her business of roasting a chicken on the grill and bringing it to the table to enjoy with her.

13% alcohol and $20. 

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