Tuesday, September 18, 2012

While the Pig is Roasting

Continuing on with the pig roast wines it should be pointed out that one can't roast a pig and not have something to drink during the last hour or two that it is cooking.

The first wine of the evening was a 2010 Frei Brothers, Russian River Valley, reserve chardonnay.   The Frei Brothers are part of the Gallo Wines family.

This is a hard wine for me to describe.  It tasted like chardonnay, there was some crispness and acid to the wine, there was a touch of butter - but only as an accent and not a leading note, and the finish was pleasant and crisp. 

However, like way too many mass produced wines this one simple has no soul.  There is nothing here to call attention to that separates it from numerous other wines.  It's well made and no doubt sells well, but it has no story to tell and no sense of place to it.

13.5% alcohol. Price not available.

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