Sunday, August 25, 2013

A Bit O' Bubbly

There are times when only bubbles will suffice and yesterday and today certainly qualify.  It had been too long since I opened a true champagne and one of them was in the group of older wines I pulled to drink in the very near future. 

Lunch was very late yesterday so there were just some assorted snacks for dinner last night, but a bottle of Louis Caster Champagne a Damery Rose' was already chilled so the cork came out.  The wine was still fresh and alive with aromas of strawberry cake with hints of cardamon.  The wine was crisp and tart and the fruit flavors dominated.  Lots of bubbles that lasted for quite some time in the glass.  The finish was dry but fruity leaving the suggestion of the strawberries in the mouth.

I finished the wine late this morning with a brunch style meal.  There was a blackberry muffin left over from yesterday and there were egg filled burritos.  Warm flour tortillas were loaded with a cooked mixture of scallions, plum tomatoes, a seeded Serrano pepper and scrambled eggs.  A little sharp cheese was added as the tortillas were rolled. They were wrapped in foil and placed in a warm oven for a couple of minutes until the cheese melted and the entire thing was warm throughout.

The champagne had been sealed overnight with a stopper and it was still wonderful this morning, not having deteriorated at all.  The flavors of the muffins picked up on the strawberry notes in the wine and the eggs and peppers did the same.  This was almost a perfect combination.  Now it's nap time.

Louis Casters Rose' champagne a Damery.  12.5% alcohol and $50.

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