Saturday, August 31, 2013

Kinkead Ridge New Releases

A great morning visiting the Kinkead Ridge Winery in Ripley, Ohio for the release of their 2011 red wines. It's always a good trip and always fun seeing old friends. The most fun is restocking the cellar with some quality wines.  I did that in a big way this year as I thought as a group these 2011 wines were outstanding. One other thing made me happy, after several vintages of the wines creeping up to or beyond 15% alcohol, three of the four wines were less than 14% alcohol this vintage.  I can drink more of these wines with out needing a nap.

While all four were very good I had a definite favorite in the 2011 Syrah.  There was a deep color to the wine. Aromas of dark fruit, earth and a bit of raw meat were strong.  The flavor was rich with black raspberries and red plums.  There was also a sense of white pepper and cinnamon that came in at the finish.  I loved in this wine.  It leans most toward Europe with its flavors and mouth feel.  Perfect balance here among the acid, tannin and fruit.  13.5% alcohol and $21.  Only 44 cases produced.

The Cabernet Franc had a totally appealing flavor of bright, ripe cherries that seemed more toward the red end of the cherry spectrum.  Toss in some red currants and a bit of raspberry and it made for a great flavor profile.  Medium body on the wine with great acid.  Lengthy and happy finish.  $20 and 13.8% alcohol.  304 cases produced.

The Cabernet Sauvignon was its usual brooding self when it first hit the glass.  This wine was closed up for a minute or two and never did produce a strong aroma.  The flavors were like biting into the richest black cherry on the tree - fully developed sweetness but still with some tartness for balance.  There was some dark plum flavors and just a bit of graphite in this wine.  The tannin was strong in this wine and that added great texture and support for a few years of aging.  13.9% alcohol and $21.  300 cases produced.

The Petit Verdot was what I expected - deep, dark purple color and not a shy bone in its fruity body.  There are tons of blackberries and mulberries in this wine and more than a healthy dose of tannin to support the strong flavors.  That said, this wine was a bit lighter in its profile than the recent vintages and seemed more balanced.  The acid seemed stronger than recent years also.  I will stash mine away for a few years before pulling a cork on a bottle.  $22 and 14.4% alcohol.  82 cases produced.

With past experience with the same wines as a guide, I won't approach any of them for a year and don't expect them to hit their peak for four or five years.  When that time comes there will be some wonderful wines to open.

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