Monday, September 23, 2013

Pig Roast

Busy weekend last and the results from the pig roast are pictured here.  The pig was 42 pounds and is shown on the roaster with apple wood smoke, resting on the table after cooking and being carved and 'pulled.'

It took a good crew to cook the pig and fix all the side dishes, and a small army to eat all the food.  There were numerous sauces to go with the porker from a mild, sweet tomato based one all the way to a fresh Jamaican jerk sauce full of habanero peppers.  Beer, wine, whisky, soft drinks and water added to the party.

The weather cooperated by being very cool and rainy at the start of the day to clear and pleasant by the time the pig had rested and was carved.   It was a great way to say hello to autumn in this area. 

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