Wednesday, September 4, 2013


I found another bargain a couple of weeks ago, and it was from a region of France where I have little experience with the wines.  It was from Touraine, which begins just southwest of Paris.

The wine was a 2011 Domaine Charbonnier and was 100% Cot, which is another name for Malbec.

The wine was neon purple in the glass and showed its young age.  Fresh, fruity aromas of crushed grapes that reminded me of somewhat Beaujolais with its freshness.  Grape flavors with some darker underpinnings of black plums were strong.  Mild tannin and a healthy dose of acid made this a happy wine. 

Nothing too serious here and a perfect red wine for summer drinking.  It was great on a warm evening with some hamburgers just off the grill.  It's not a challenge, it's a beverage.

2011 Domaine Charbonnier, Touraine.  $14 and 12.5% alcohol.

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