Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Chateau Carbonnieux 2004

What to drink with two Colorado raised lamb chops and some slices of roasted butternut squash and some fresh spinach?

The answer turned out to be a 2004 Chateau Carbonnieux from Pessac-Leognan area of Bordeaux. 

I have a long history with this estate and just about all of it is positive, and this one was certainly no exception.  It was true to form and exactly what I was expecting when I opened the bottle. 

Of all the Bordeaux areas the Graves region, of which Pessac-Leognan is a part, has always been my favorite.  There seems to be more minerality to the wines from that area;  more earthiness and less up front fruit. 

The aroma was full of earth and leather with hints of graphite.  The upfront taste was cherries, a bit of tobacco, a suggestion of oak and a bit of blueberries.  The tannins were soft and warm.  This is far from being a heavyweight wine but there is an elegance and a liveliness that just makes it flat out enjoyable to drink.  The earthiness really kicked in on the finish to this wine. 

Remarkable with the gaminess of the lamb, which was grilled on one side and then flipped over.  A mixture of Dijon mustard, olive oil, fresh rosemary, fresh thyme and just a tiny bit of garlic was slathered on the first side while the second side face the heat of the grill. The herbs and mustard added an extra dimension. 

The second day the wine was paired with some roasted chicken legs and thighs and some faro cooked in chicken stock.  It was better with the lamb but it was delicious with the chicken as well. 

How long have I been in love with this estate.  The third litter of Gordon Setters that were born here in 1984 all had names starting with the letter "C."  One of the young ladies was named Dunbar's Carbonnieux.

2004 Chateau Carbonnieux Rouge  13% alcohol and $40.

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