Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Fresh from Alaska

Thanks to the partial shutdown of the US government the start of the King Crab season in Alaska was delayed a few days. The government issues the permits the crabbers need and without those permits the boats stayed in the harbors. 

Good things are worth waiting for and that applies here.  The two legs pictured above were steamed on the boat, chilled without being frozen and put on a plane to quickly make their way here.  After the five week or so season king crab is only available frozen.  There is a remarkable difference in both taste and texture.

Because the quota was higher this year there was a price drop.  Last year the price approached $50 a pound, but this year it dropped to $37 a pound in the local market.  Last year I bought none and this year I at least jumped back in for a small order. 

I reheated the legs in parchment paper in a microwave at 50% power for five minutes, poured the fantastic Chablis discussed below and only added a small baked potato and a small salad.    All wonderful things.

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