Friday, February 21, 2014

Open That Bottle Night

Tomorrow, February 22, 2014, is the fifteenth anniversary of Open that Bottle Night.  Anyone who has any kind of a wine cellar has a special bottle or more that calls for a special occasion to open.  Many, many times that occasion never seems to come. Fifteen years ago John Brecher and Dorothy Gaiter, who were writing the wine column for the Wall Street Journal at the time, named the last Saturday in February as Open That Bottle Night.  Tomorrow is the day to open that bottle.

The complete story can be found here.  Click Me.  One of the best parts was reading in the Journal a few days later what a number of other people opened for that evening.  I was fortunate enough one year to have my bottle and story featured in their column so this holiday has a special place in my heart.  Mr. Brecher and Ms. Gaiter no longer write for the Wall Street Journal  but Open That Bottle Night continues and the the couple can now be found on Facebook and they still want to hear people's stories.  Good folks.

Pictured above is an empty bottle.  I have my choices narrowed down to three for this year, but haven't made the final call on which one it will be so the pictured bottle is empty.  I do know it will be red and that the entree will be beef or lamb.  Decisions......

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