Tuesday, February 4, 2014


I did get out to a Super Bowl party on Sunday, primarily because I can't resist paella and there was a large pan of it. 

My contribution was a 2001 Ramirez de la Piscine Reserva, 1005 Tempranillo wine.  It certainly had some bottle age on itandmatched up with a couple of new vintages of other wines it certainly shone the brightest.

There were lots of berries and earth, a tiny bit of dry leather and enough subtle herb tones to make one think one was walking through a meadow on a dry day.  The tannins were soft and well incorporated and everything was in perfect balance.  Wonderful wine that was especially good with the saffron and chorizo in the paella.

This was the first wine to totally disappear.

Ramirez de la Piscine 2001 Reserva.  13% alcohol and $24

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