Friday, August 8, 2014

Pine Ridge Merlot

Merlot has been out of fashion for quite some time in the U.S. thanks in great part to the movie Sideways which made it into a joke.  I don't drink a great deal of it myself, but when I saw a potentially good bottle in a close-out bin I put it in my cart.

The wine was a 2009 Pine Ridge, Crimson Creek, Napa Valley Merlot.  It sat at the house for several weeks before the right menu popped up as an excuse to open it.  That menu was a maple and orange lacquered duck breast with fresh fava beans and a cherry tomato and mozzarella salad. 

The wine was dark in the glass and had a strong dark grape and red cherry aroma to it.  It was definitely a fruity wine with cherry flavors and a sense of cola.  The acid was correct and the tannins were soft.  On the finish there was a sense of earthiness that was its best characteristic to me.  With the ingredients in the duck breast the soft tannins were probably a blessing.  Very good with the duck - highly drinkable, definitely pleasurable but not memorable. 

2009 Pine Ridge Crimson Creek Merlot.  14.1% alcohol and a closeout price of $15.

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