Saturday, January 3, 2015

Tasty Bird

Finally something tasted almost as good as it should.  Pictured is a large duck breast that was very slowly seared on top of the stove with the skin side down to render all the fat.  It was flipped over and a glaze of maple syrup, orange zest, thyme, five spice powder and red pepper flakes was painted on before it went in a medium low oven.  It got basted twice more until it finally came out of the oven at 115 degrees.   It rested for ten minutes under foil.

I cut thin slices and drizzled them with a bit of the reserved glaze.  Sweet, spicy, earthy, flavors and a soft silky texture of red meat woke up what taste buds have come back.  I believe it was the texture that won me over. Most things have tasted grainy and gritty for a month, even butter, but this was like pure silk on the tongue.

The tougher under section of the breast was removed before slicing and a Gordon Setter and a visiting Papillon enjoyed a slice or two mixed in with their kibble.

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