Friday, February 6, 2015

Rare Bird

There was Asian inspired lamb and asparagus for dinner last night.  The dish was full of stir fried lamb and asparagus, spring onions, a few hot peppers and a sauce full of soy sauce, hoisin sauce and toasted sesame oil.  It maybe the dead of winter but this dish was pushing the boundaries of spring. 

The wine was a 2013 Kinkead Ridge Riesling from the Ohio River Valley.    Great aromas of fresh fruit and petrichor, that wonderful sensation of rain on dry earth.  The flavors here were light to match the alcohol content but they were vibrant with lime and lemon.  Very easy wine to drink and thanks to bad weather last year the last of this wine for awhile - save the two more I have in the cellar. 

2013 Kinkead Ridge Riesling.  11.4% alcohol and $12. 

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