Monday, February 2, 2015

Winter Braise

It's been both cold and very wet here, though we were fortunate enough to be just south of the latest blizzard.  Braising season is in full swing here and above is a braised and smothered lamb shank.  The shanks braised in a white wine and tomato broth and vegetables for about four hours until they were quite tender.  The shanks were removed and the broth and vegetables separated.  The broth had most of the fat removed and went into the bowl with the shanks.  They went into the refrigerator for an overnight stay and pot vegetables were discarded.

New carrots, onions, and celery were cut and sweated in some olive oil and the shanks and broth were added back in.  Some Cannelini beans were added and everything was rewarmed until the vegetables were tender.  Three, cheesy polenta squares were sauteed until crisp on the exterior while the lamb reheated. 

The wine was a 2009 Foppiano Vineyards, Russian River Valley Petite Syrah.  It was dark as night and had aromas full of dehydrated blueberries and currants.  It was quite tannic and had a firm grip.  Truth be told it was a little much for me and I would have opted for something lighter.  I've had this wine before and it was wonderful but the palate problem is still not totally gone.  It left a bitterness in the very back of my mouth that wasn't there the first time I drank this wine.  The front end was delicious. 

2009 Foppiano Vineyards, Russian River Valley Petite Syrah.  14.9% alcohol and $22

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