Sunday, March 22, 2015

Just a Few Old Memories

Spring cleaning is underway here and I decided to tackled my oldest file cabinet.  Since the files were very old and mostly ignored for some time it is a slow task. I find myself stopping and looking or reading because of the memories generated.  One of the folders contained a number of old wine labels from the time where they were easy to remove from the bottle by simply running warm water into and over the bottle.  It also contained hand written notes about some of the wines. 

My notes on a 1979 Chateau Montrose, a second growth Saint-Estephe written in 1989.

Lots of cedar and cigars in the nose.   Dark color with no browning on the edges.  Strong flavors of cherries, cedar and graphite.  Long finish with lots of fruit.  Strong tannins.  Dinner was a lamb stew.  Shared with Steve M.

The wine may have been memorable, but apparently Steve M.  wasn't because I have no idea who he is these twenty five years later.  Perhaps another bottle of Montrose would help me remember.  ☺

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