Wednesday, March 25, 2015


An excellent dinner last night was a replacement for one that was postponed during one of the February blizzards in this area when driving became hazardous and every one stayed home.  

I was responsible for the first course and it was well received and very good.  There was lobster ravioli in a brown butter sauce finished only with some fresh white pepper.   There is a local place that makes ravioli daily and these were from them, saving me much work.

The wine was a Jean-Paul  & Benoit Droin Grand Cru Chablis, Vaudesir from the 2011 vintage.  It was a beautiful wine in the glass with a pale gold color.  One sniff was all it took to know that this was Chablis.  Rain on dry earth (petrichor) and ocean spray were strong.  The wine was closed up a bit and took half an hour for a true taste to emerge, though the dry and crisp mouth feel was evident from the start. 

When the wine did open up the flavors were bold with hints of fresh picked, green grapes and a bit of citrus, but this wine was more about its place than its flavor.  It was Chablis  and it tasted like spring.  With the ravioli it was even better as it cut both the richness of the lobster and the pungency of the brown butter.  A wonderful pairing.

2011 Jean-Paul  & Benoit Droin Grand Cru Chablis, Vaudesir.  13% alcohol and $70.

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