Thursday, April 16, 2015

Northwest Bounty

There was a definite northwest USA dinner earlier this week here in Ohio featuring a Columbia River Valley rose' wine and a filet of Columbia river king salmon cooked over an alder wood fire.  

The wine was a 2014 Barnard Griffin rose' of Sangiovese.  Bright red colors when poured into a glass the wine was just full of the flavor of tart, red cherries and herbs.  It's just loaded with sweet fruit and more than enough acidity to balance out that sweetness.  This is not a shy or subtle rose', but it is a flavorful and bold wine. 

The salmon was from the first wild catch of the year to appear in the market.  It was clean and pure and very rich with fat.  The alder wood smoke gave it nice edge of earthiness and the smell of the smoke drew a couple of the neighbors out of the house. 

The side dishes were inconsequential.  All that was important here was a bit of fish and a sip of wine repeated over and over.  Both the wine and the fish were as bold as the colors in the photo.

Barnard Griffin Columbia Valley Rose' of Sangiovese.  12.9% alcohol and $13.  A bargain.

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