Wednesday, April 22, 2015


In this case there is no accent grave so the title is not about wine, but flowers.  There was the last of the Protocolo rose' from below that drank very well on the second day with bread, cheese and salami for lunch.  No fading at all and just as pleasant and happy as the day it was opened.

Cleaning out old storage areas sometimes leads to surprises.  That was recently the case here as several thousand 35mm color slides were discovered stashed away.  Lots of old family pictures, dog event pictures, and motor racing pictures from as far back as 1955 turned up.  Some were ones that I took but most were pictures my father took dating back to before I knew anything about cameras.  

I have been converting a number of them to digital format and sharing with relatives.  This one jumped out at me.  The date on this pictures that he took of two roses from my mother's garden was dated 1960.  It has some non-removable dust particles but it does provoke some memories and has survived very well. 

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