Tuesday, June 23, 2015


I love Chablis.  After one sip of this 2007 Gerard Tremblay, Domaine des Iles Grand Cru Vaudesir I was tempted to not share.  I thought of excusing myself and running off to another room with the bottle and my glass.  I stayed and shared, but only because there is another bottle in the cellar.

The brashness of youth was gone here and the wine matured into something different.  The color had changed to a light golden hue with time in the bottle.  The aromas were still citrus and wet limestone.  There was great depth of flavor, mature and not totally youthful.  But it was unmistakably a Chablis.  The citrus flavors and the minerality were really prominent.  The finish was long,  flavorful and bone dry at the very end.  With a lobster salad and some pan roasted diver scallops it was remarkable. 

2007 Gerard Tremblay, Domaine des Iles Grand Cru, Vaudesir.  13% alcohol and $80 a few years ago.

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