Friday, June 5, 2015


We're still inching along here but a final recovery (hopefully) appears to be happening.  It is just flat out terrible to have no sense of taste, and often the cure is as bad as the problem. Most of the medications stopped two weeks ago and almost everything I put in my mouth now tastes wonderful.  Each day things taste better. 

The only silver lining is the weight loss.  I no longer will have to hear my primary care doctor suggest that losing five or ten pounds would be a good idea.  My total weight loss since this began in early November is now 45 pounds. 

There have been a few sips in the past week of some very nondescript wines and they tasted very good.  There is a lineup of much better wines that I plan to start opening shortly and I suspect I will find them among the best I've known.

The photo was taken from the front porch after a recent evening storm.

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